July 2005: Fox can now run on Mac OS X using the native “Aqua” look#


November 2003: Fox can now export 3D Crystal views for POV-Ray rendering#


For this image (potassium tartrate), the reflection for atoms was changed to 1.0 to get the mirror reflectivity effect.#


Fox working on an aluminimium methyl-phosphonate structure, solved using Fox by Mark Edgar et al. at the University of St Andrews (Scotland).#


Fox working on the new hydride structure LaMg2NiD7 , solved using Fox by Guillaume Renaudin et al. at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). 22 atoms in general position, solved by using X-Ray and neutron powder patterns.#


Fox tested on the Triphenyl Phosphite structure.#


Fox displaying the Alumina structure with the GSAS/EXPGUI Fourier map.#