Get Fox#

Download Fox From GitHub#

You can download F.O.X. from GitHub.

There are several versions available, depending on you platform and method of installation:
  • Fox-(version).tar.bz2 : Fox for Linux (source code). Also see below the Debian/Ubuntu package.

  • Fox-(version).dmg : Fox, precompiled for macOS

  • Fox-(version).zip : Fox, precompiled for Windows

You can also download the Fox manual on the same page, which is a pdf version of this website.

Fox Debian/Ubuntu package#

Fox is also available as a precompiled package objcryst-fox (courtesy of carlo Segre) for:

Fox Installation#

To install Fox, either copy the pre-compiled application (for macOS and windows) after opening the archive (zip or dmg), or if you prefer to compile Fox yourself, follow the instructions below: